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City to conduct assessment for pedestrian signal at Merganser & Den Haag

Merganser & Den Haag

The RMRA recently contacted Councillor Jacques Legendre to express an urgent safety issue related to the corner of Den Haag Drive. A number of accidents have occurred at this location, and speeding remains an ongoing concern. As many of you know, the intersection of Merganser and Den Haag is an important access point to the park for families and young children, which raises serious safety concerns. This May, City staff will assess whether a pedestrian control signal is warranted for this location and the Association will be informed of the results in September. In the meantime, digital speed display signs will be deployed in our community this spring to serve as a reminder for drivers to reduce speed as they drive past Dr. John Hopps Park. Councillor Legendre’s office recently reported that speed surveys conducted on Den Haag Drive between Borealis Crescent (east) and Des Pionniers Private indicated an average speed of 49 km/h with the majority of drivers travelling between 41 km/h and 56 km/h. The fastest driver in this section was recorded at 68 km/h. A second survey between Carwood Circle and Borealis Crescent (north) indicated an average speed of 51 km/h with the majority of drivers travelling between 43 km/h and 58 km/h. The fastest driver in this section was noted at 76 km/h.

May 2008 - Update

We've received notification that no action in the form of a pedestrian crossing will be taken. This decision was based on a survey of pedestrian traffic at the Den Haag and Merganser intersection. The survey included the number and type (children, seniors, etc.) of pedestrians crossing the street, the traffic volume on the street, and the time that pedestrians wait for an appropriate gap in traffic before crossing the street. We were provided with the following explanation, which originated from the City's Traffic and Parking Operations department:

"An eight-hour (07:30-09:30, 11:30-14:00, 14:30-18:00) pedestrian survey was undertaken on Den Haag Drive in the area of Merganser Street on Wednesday 20 June 2007. During the highest six hours of the survey, 65 pedestrians (26 children, 21 youth, 12 adults, and 2 seniors) were observed crossing Den Haag Drive. Of these, no person was delayed greater than 10 seconds before crossing the roadway. Our analysis of this data shows that the conditions at this location meet 0% of the warrant for the installation of a pedestrian signal. As the warrant conditions are not achieved (100% required), we cannot recommend the installation of a pedestrian signal at this location at this time."

At the December 2007 AGM, Councillor Jacques Legendre informed the Association that stop signs will be installed at the corner of Merganser Street and Den Haag Drive. Keep your eyes open for these new signs this spring.

Status of the Canada Lands Company (CLC) redevelopment of 800 Montreal Road

800 Montreal Road

The RMRA met with the CLC in May 2007 for a preliminary consultation on the Forintek Building. A facilitated session for Rockcliffe Mews followed on Wednesday, July 18, which was attended by approximately 20 people (including Councillor Jacques Legendre). Focus groups and a Q & A session produced a Rockcliffe Mews perspective on the redevelopment: preserve as much green space as possible (including mature trees); architectural style in line with adjacent buildings (i.e., CMHC); sufficient on-site parking and minimal traffic impact on existing streets; and commercial and residential buildings to transition south-north and concentrate on Montreal Road corridor. CLC is drafting design concepts and will seek broader community consultation in the coming months. The RMRA will inform members of future meetings, and encourages residents to participate in the planning process for this property.

May 2008 - Update

Closure of the CLC office at CFB Rockcliffe has not changed the company's plans to redevelop the Forintek property. CLC remains active in City of Ottawa and will continue with other projects, including Forintek. Our CLC contact, Rick Hughes, has been replaced by Norm Janus, General Manager of the Ontario Real Estate branch. Norm has met with the Forintek consultants to become familiar with the project and to review its objectives. He has also assured me that CLC is committed to community engagement in the planning process. He's taking some time to familiarize himself with the project and will be in a position to provide us with timelines early in the New Year.

Rockcliffe Redevelopment

A native land claim has delayed the redevelopment process of the former CFB Rockcliffe airbase. A formal open house on the Rockcliffe Redevelopment Community Design Plan scheduled for Tuesday, June 19 has been postponed until further notice.

For more information, please visit the Rockcliffe Redevelopment site at

Rockcliffe Mews Woodlot

Rumour has it that L'école élémentaire catholique Montfort is relocating to the woodlot next to DR. Jogn Hopps Park soccer field across from La Cité collégiale. The RMRA will continue to monitor this and report back on future developments.

Stoop & Scoop

Please be a considerate resident of Rockcliffe Mews and remember to pick up after your dog – failure to do so is a by-law offence! For more information on how to properly dispose of dog waste.

please visit the City of Ottawa Stoop & Scoop website at