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Rockcliffe Mews Neighbourhood Watch (RMNW)

Rockcliffe Mews Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch has arrived in Rockcliffe Mews. The City posted 5 signs throughout our neighbourhood in July 2007: Carwood Circle (east at Carson’s Road pedestrian pathway), Carwood & Den Haag, Borealis (north entrance) & Den Haag, Borealis & Merganser, and Borealis (east entrance) & Den Haag.

Although more Block Captain volunteers are needed in Rockcliffe Mews, coverage is thinnest on Carwood Circle (only 1 Block Captain). Residents of Carwood Circle interested in being a Block Captain should contact Nessim Abu-Zahra at

All other RMNW inquiries should be sent to

Make the right call:

(Life threatening emergency / crime in progress)
(Other emergencies)
(Community Police Centres and all other enquiries)